Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lapo Elkann Ferrari 400i

This picture got posted yesterday on Facebook. Thought it was a nice one to add to the blog.
For those that does not know him:

Not sure if this car belongs to the Agnelli dynasty. As far as I'm aware Gianni Agnelli did not had a 400 in his collection. Which however would have fitted him nicely as it does come with an automatic gearbox. Due to a car accident in his younger years his right leg got shattered on 7 places and as such automatics had his preference. Here a unique photo of him in his one off 130 estate. And yes, it's the same automatic gearlever as used in the 400.

I just did some double checking and according to the European F400 club Gianni did had a 412. But no further details are revealed, ie no color details, VIN or type of gearbox.
Iconic Blue and Red Ferrari today with me.
Geplaatst door Lapo Elkann op dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Update 3-7-2016: More Lapo

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