Sunday, 14 February 2016

Ferrari 400i Schedoni suitcase

I noticed an increased interest in Schedoni on my blog today. When doing my daily run I saw someone who posted a Schedoni suitcase for sale on FChat. Unfortunately it's only a single piece (with a steep price tag) and not the complete set:

I did happen to have visited Schedoni previous weekend. Unfortunately it was on a Sunday so they were obviously closed. But since we were so nearby I thought to visit it anyway:

But back to the offered suitcase. It does seem like the correct suitcase for a 400i. Both the 308 and 400 suitcase are not marked/stamped with the name, unlike the BB and the Mondial. Below you can see an overview of the suitcase models for each of the different types

BB512 suitcase

Mondial suitcase


308 suitcase

400i suitcase

In order to be complete you need to have 4 for of these and 2 little bags as per brochure:

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