Friday, 4 December 2015

Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 - 400 - 400i - 412 price valuation index 2016

Today I visited the bookstore as I knew the new editon of the "onschatbare klassieker" was released.
Instead of purchasing the whole book I made a few piccies to capture the price valuations for 2016.

I did a similar exercise last year:

Clearly the prices are still ramping up. Personally I don't mind and it seems to me it's a wider trend for the majority of classic cars. If I look at Ferrari specific then you will see a similar increase for the Mondial and the 308GT4. But even yougtimers like the 456 are climbing up. From a hobbyist/amateur perspective I understand the complaints about these prices, on the other hand they equally complain their cars are Always undervalued. Make up your mind. If you are a current owner consider yourself Lucky. Likely you bought the car back then because you felt attracted to it and it did happen to be affordable as well. A true GT with a front V12  in a very stylish and elegant Italian package that now is becoming appealing again and discovered by a wider audience. Compared with other thoroughbred GTs from the seventies, ie Espada, the 400 series is perhaps still behind ...

I honestly can't tell or predict what's driving these prices, so who knows. For sure money on the bank account can be considered dead money with the current interest rates. And instead of doing investments on a risky stock exchange - given the turbulent market conditions these days - you might want to do an investment in a car. It's at least an investment that you can use and enjoy as well. And I guess the latter should be the main the reason for having such car - it's priceless.

If you are interested in the price valuation and the discussion then follow this thread on FChat:

And hereby the 2016 price index (prices are in Euro's and focussed on Europe Mainland):


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