Saturday, 19 December 2015

BAT : $33K 1980 Ferrari 400i

Yesterdays and todays stats scared me. There was an invasion from the USA. Typical, as last week I had lots of hits from Russia. Further checking revealed it was caused by an article on BAT. Of course it was about a Ferrari 400. This is the posting in question:

And yes, I Always like to read about these. Especially the comment fields are Always entertaining. To bad this time around the talk was mostly about the company who was offering the car for sale.

Turns out one of the comments was referring to my blog, hence the unusual amount of hits.

And only one guy nailed it:

Always the same comments with these….The 400i was made to Tour from Milan to St. Moritz, with your skis, luggage and mistress. While she pours you champagne and you hold your cigar just slightly near the window. Save the manual for when you return and want to tear up the Autostrade.

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