Monday, 26 October 2015

Book - Autobiography Leonardo Fioravanti - IL CAVALLINO NEL CUORE

I should have promoted this book much earlier. I already touchbased a little about it in this specific blog:

The next part is coming but is pending on finalizing the video interview and other bits and pieces.

Earlier this week Dedo shared this unique picture with me:

It's Mr. Fioravanti and the Publisher Giorgio Nada at the event Concorso Stelle Sul Liston.

I had the book already in my possession on the 14th of June when I received a signed copy from Mr. Fioravanti himself:


I can testify it's a very good and complete book, it's actually an autobiography. It's written by himself instead of being done by a ghostwriter in a fancy style - it really gives the book a natural and personal touch.  Lots of questions I had prepared for the interview were more or less answered in the book. Of course it also reveals more on the background about the creation of the 400. I'm not going to release that on my blog so you simply need to order the book. I consider it a must have. As said, it's very complete with many unique pictures and touchbases on his entire oeuvre.

With the days becoming longer and colder it's a good read or else treat yourself on a nice gift for the upcoming festive days.

You can order it here or here, now with 15% reduction:

Happy reading everyone.

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