Saturday, 17 October 2015

2 years of blogging

And here we are. Another year passed by. It's exactly one year ago I wrote this blog:

At that time I felt it would be difficult to find more useable content for this blog. But somehow I managed to keep up easily another year. But this time around I can almost definately say I have exhausted mostly all available internet resources. So to continue further I simply rely on new input published on the Internet. Since the attention and appreciation for this car is taking off lately it's not unusual new items of interest are published. Furthermore I'm still hunting for time period magazines and articles. For this I welcome donations or alternatively you can buy them yourself and send me a digital scan. Feel free to reuse anything from this blog. As Always any input is welcomed. If I can be of any help just let me know. Happy to assist if I can.

And for those curious regarding the stats, hereby the snapshots. Over the past year it has been fluctuating quite a bit. But on average it's about 3000 hits per months, so about 100 per day. In total 60k of hits. Most of them are still generated by the United States. Typical, for a car that was never sold there.

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