Monday, 17 August 2015

Ferrari 400 Pop-up light : glass lenses brand : Carello / Hella / Cibie

At my 400 appraisal it was remarked that two different brands were used for the glass lenses in the pop-up lights. The high beam lense was by Carello and the low beam was by Hella.

I would expect that both should be by Carello. However I seriously doubted if they had been damaged in the past and replaced by a different ones. In fact these lights are hardly used.

In order to find out I posted a request on FChat so others could check this as well. The first response is by a 400i owner from 1982. He has a Carello for the high beam and Cibie for low beam. This make sense to me (since also the fog-lights for the 400i are provided by Cibie). It's at least interesting to see they seem to make use of different brand lenses. Let's await a few more responses.

Update 24-8-2015: Today I received the following update from a 400 1977 owner, he has two Hella's fitted:
Update 25-8-2015: Today via Fchat a 400 1977 owner submitted the following update. This one has also a Carello & Hella setup:
Low beam is Hella 14466 R7
High beam is Carello 03 245 700
Update 26-8-2015: More interesting updates via Fchat:
1980 400i has 4 x Carello
1980 400i has 2 x Carello & 2 x Hella
1982 400i has a real mix of Carello, Wagner & Koito.
1985 400i has 4 Hellas

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