Saturday, 8 August 2015

Close to perfection - bootlid bumper stops

A little while ago I got in contact with someone who purchased a 400 for a car project and was only in need of the engine. As such I reached out to him to obtain a few parts which I considered nice to have on my personal stock, just in case.

Not much later I recalled my rubber bump stoppers for the boot lid were damaged/broken/cutoff. In order to make clear on what I was after I simply thought to include a photo. As my car is parked on a different location I just had to search something online and figured the parts manual would be a good source to check. As such I went to Eurospares to look it up. Unfortunately the picture is not entirely clear:

But it did include the part number: 806-34-084-00
So I thought to do a quick check on Ebay with this number. To my surprise a pair was offered for sale in the US. For 10 US dollars, a bit pricy for a silly rubber. But at least it's a genuine Original new part. So I ordered it immediately. Clearly I was very happy with it. These are the small things you don't think are easily available. Now, when writing up this piece and looking it up again on Eurospares I noticed they have it on stock and sell it for a whopping 25 pence each. DOH!

And here it is when I received the item, nicely packed in Pininfarina plastic.

Here you can see the problem clearly. Potentially the hinches might have cut or broken the rubber stops. At first I thought they were cut off by the previous owner so the bootlid opens up higher. By now, as I have replaced them, I think they were simply worn out and broken off (they had become hard and were no longer soft). The problem of this missing rubber is quit annyoing, I was surprised how often I have used the trunk on my trips. And everytime opening up the trunk had to be done carefull, often with a quick reflex and stop the bootlid by hand.

And the broken parts:

And here fitted with the new rubber stop:

And here the side view with opened boot lid, before and after:

These little fixes are very rewarding work. I'm really pleased with this improvement. Another step closer to perfection.

Another small discovery I made is that the RHD fuse box cover is missing the inside sticker with the explanation on the fuses. Atthached the LHD fuse box cover for clarity. Anyone out there who can make me happy with this sticker?


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