Monday, 27 July 2015

Ferrari 400 blog stats

Panic is over, I'm back ;-)

Just back from holiday leave in Italy. Meaning I had Italian WiFi as well, so go figure. Next to this it was to hot and of course I had to relax, enjoy and discover the area. So I really coulnd't be bothered to pay any attention to the blog. Hopefully I didn't miss anything out.

Even though I haven't made any blog updates over the past 3 weeks it keeps attracting hits on a daily basis. In the good days I easily got more then 100 visits per day. Lately it's much less. By now I also have reached the 50.000 pageview milestone. For those interested I have included 2 graph snapshots.

Lately it's getting more difficult to find interesting information to provide a blog update. But I'm sure I will bump into something. So for now I will continue a little more. As always; I welcome any input.


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