Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ferrari 365 / 400 / 412 Bumper reproduction

Yesterday someone on the known FB group (


posted the following:

I bought the 400 of a friend of mine (also present here at the list) but unfortunatly the bumpers were not nice and straight.
These bumpers have a tendencyto warp with the time as the metal inside becomes thicker. Furthermore most bumpers have touched something during their lifetime and even a small parking collission means a bumpers that isn't straight anymore as its is made from a kind of foam over a metal frame ....

I am currently reproducing the front bumper out of resin and reinforced with a galvanized thick frame . From the outside it will be virtually impossible to see its not the original one
Quality will be excellent as I have made an exceptionally straight mould.
Bumpers can be made available as is or high quality painted so can be fitted right away (two bolts at each side) as original

Is there anybody who is also interested in a repro bumper ?
For now I have only the front bumper but also plan the sides of the front bumper and even the complete rear bumper as the one I have on my car is not perfect.

As for the price indication:

Have to calculate how much it will cost to reproduce and paint and ofcourse a bit for the mould. To throw a figure in the air : I try to be around the 500 euro for the front piece, painted and ready to fit but at this stage I can not commit me at a pricelevel .Ofcourse it will also depand on the number I will be able to sell, If I can make a small batch , it will be cheaper than one at the time.

If this has your interest you can contact him via FB or via email:

Update : 2)


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