Monday, 25 May 2015

Ferrari 412 Scaglietti Cabriolet-Unique model

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Ferrari 412 Scaglietti Cabriolet-Unique model The Ferrari 412 Cabriolet, shown in the pictures above, is a unique model produced by the Maranello Firm by accident. In the 80s, Ferrari decided to stop the production of Ferrari 412 Coupè and to assemble the 412 engine on a limited series of cabriolet. New chassis and bodywork along with the stability characteristic of cabriolet were awarded a license. One of the new features of cabriolet was that the speed gear was designed to be shorter to provide better car acceleration.

Even if the prototype was a true craftsmanship, the death of Enzo Ferrari stopped the production of other models of cabriolet. However, his death also inspired all car collectors to buy any models of Ferrari. As a result the production of 412 Scaglietti Cabriolet increased tremendously. The plate number MO 806412 defines the uniqueness of the vehicle.

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