Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ferrari 400 School Gala Steenwijk

A while back I was asked on a birthday by one of the fathers if I was interested to drive his daughter to a school gala. I thought it was a nice thing to do, so I more or less agreed to it. And I knew he was a car enthusiast as well. Of course she had to make the call to make the arrangement. Earlier this week it was time to show up. It did happen to be also my first trip this year so you can imagine I was very much looking forward to it. The weather was pretty good as well. After a 6 months break the 400 started immediately. The school party was in Steenwijk, a place up north and a 1,5h drive from my place. So a very nice trip and enjoy the 400 the fullest. How well this car drives and the airco was doing a good job well, it even got a bit nippy. When arriving at the parents place we had Chinese takeaway for dinner. Shortly after that it was showtime and I offered daddy a ride. Clearly he loved the drive and was impressed by the total package of looks, smell, comfort, power and handling. He complimented the silky smooth automatic as well. Time to get the kids in, who are quite tall and barely fitted on the back seats. First we had to drive to a parking place where everyone was gathering and escorted in batches to the gala. Apparently this drive is a bigger deal then I anticipated. All kinds of vehicles showed up; Daf 44, Buggy, Fire brigade truck, BMW M3, Military vehicle and what not.
Finally it was our turn and we drove into the city market square wich was pretty crowded and ring fenced. Complete with paparazzi and red carpet treatment. Very nice. 5 min of fame and it was time to go back home again.




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