Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ferrari 400 Lorenz & Rankl brochure - convertible / cabriolet

My archive is now extended with this brochure. I got ahold of it via the seller of the 400 photo's on the Torino Autosalon. He was some kind of automobilia reseller. A good moment to further look into this brand. There is a nice German Wiki about this company:

Which provided me the Original website for this company:

But it also provided a particular fansite regarding a car brand developped by the same company:

From there it is a simple click away to find more history about the work carried out by L&R on the Ferrari models. Which obviously included the 400:

And as you can see, it does include pictures, (German) articles and even some pricelists.
It's that simple and easy. The write up of this blog took longer then finding and collecting this piece of information.

Update 8-4-2015 : On Facebook someone posted these 2 pictures. We suspect these are the same one as used in the brochure:


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