Monday, 2 March 2015

Ferrari 400 Automatic photo Autosalon Torino 1976

On Ebay someone offered two pictures for sale about the Ferrari 400 automatic which was presented on the Turin Autosalon in 1976. I consider them unique pictures as during my searches I have not come across many good pictures of this car on the known car shows.
As such I had to have them. And I was not the only one. It’s typical,  the unbeloved 400 is somehow very popular. Anytime I find something of interest the prices seem to be unusual high. You might even recall this owner manual story as an example (which I didn't purchase):
And not much later I had the same thing when purchasing the 400i press release + picture. Again someone had put a high bid on it which I had to outbid. Same story on these photo's. This time around it was a different person. I wonder who it was.
And of course I did check with the seller regarding the background of these pictures. Here is his response:

The 400 photos and the others were taken by someone (a German), who apparently visited regularly the European Motor Shows, or at least Geneva, Frankfurt, Turin and Paris. He put together Albums of the Shows he visited. By chance I was able to buy the albums a few years ago. As for my own collection I don't need every photo, I put the "surplus" up for sale.

And here are the photos, enjoy:

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