Friday, 11 November 2022

NEC Birmingham 2022 - Ferrari 400 - Part of the family theme

A Ferrari 400 on the stand of the Ferrari Owner's Club GB Ltd at the NEC Classic Motorshow 2022 at Birmingham. Via Facebook:

Update 12-11-2022: I was expecting this, an update in the FB group, somehow I can't copy the post in HTML, so I copy and paste it here:

24741, a UK spec car with carburetors and manual transmission seen today at the Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham. I have seen this car many times over the years and have therefore included an image of what I believe was the first time I saw the car back in 1987. A very poor image and you will have to take my word that this is the same car. Some of these cars have been used in the way that Enzo Ferrari intended!

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