Monday, 26 September 2022

Auction : 1958 250 Testa Rossa Recreation

This one was listed before on this blog, upon checking it was in 2015 offered on Ebay:

Not sure what the outcome was. In any case, it's was for sale again via a RM Sothebys auction:

And it got sold for 154.000 USD:

1958 250 Testa Rossa Recreation

$154,000 USD | Sold

Chassis No.
Engine No.
US Title
To be offered on Saturday, 24 September 2022
  • A beautiful recreation of one of the most famous racing cars of all time
  • Based on a modified 1982 Ferrari 400i chassis
  • Powered by a Dino V-6 engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission
  • Handmade aluminum bodywork with signature pontoon fenders in the style of Scaglietti
Please note that this lot is titled as a 1958 Ferrari.

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was the more powerful successor to the 500 TRC, introduced at the end of the 1957 racing season in response to new FIA regulations that would allow engines with up to 3.0 liters of displacement in the World Sports Car Championship. It shared many components with the 500 TRC but gained the much more powerful “Colombo” Tipo 128 V-12 engine tuned with six twin-choke carburetors—a winning combination that led Ferrari to a Manufacturers’ World Championship title in 1958.

With fewer than 35 believed to have been built from 1957 through 1961, some collectors wishing to experience the history and performance of the venerated 250 TR have commissioned recreations such as the example offered here. Crafted at the request of a previous owner, this tribute is based on a 1982 Ferrari 400i chassis that has been modified and fitted with handmade aluminum bodywork, replete with pontoon-style fenders and a rear fairing behind the driver’s seat. The V-6 engine is said to have been sourced from a Dino and is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The tan leather interior features a wood-rimmed steering wheel and lap belts. Chrome wire wheels with knock-off spinners complete the period look.

Joining the Gene Ponder Collection in 2016, this highly appealing 250 Testa Rossa recreation captures the aspect and aura of one of the most famous, and most beautiful, racing cars of all time.

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