Saturday, 5 March 2022

The 5 Worst Ferrari Road Cars Ever Made

 Oh well:

Funny enough I spotted these photo's earlier this week and it's very likely the same car as used in the article. So it actually might be a bad car indeed :-)

I had this photo also posted in the Facebook group and someone from Germany responded with the following:

How's that!? Also a 400i series one with the same rare color.

Just did a quick search on the RHD UK license plate and found this old archive photo from 2012:

But I also found this more up to date one and it looks like it has been redone

The 400 on the towtruck does not have a black airvent on the bonnet and also does not have the prancing horse on the grill, so I suspect that's a different one after all.

6-3-2022: UPDATE: Guess what, today someone posted this on Facebook:

And yes, this is the same car (check out the antenna's):

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