Saturday, 20 May 2017

Ferrari 400 Front window screen replacement - delamination - milky window - windshield - PART II

So yesterday I picked up the car as it was finally ready. I'm really pleased with the end result. And I'm also glad this nasty milky spot is gone and the rust tackled. The company owner told me there was only one true specialist in the Netherlands who can do this job and apparenty that person is located in Zeeland. I think that's slightly exaggerated but I do agree it's a specialist job and a time consuming task. He also noticed there was a bit of oil  leakage. This was apparently caused by the oil filters being slightly loose. So this got fixed as well and another 2 liter oil was added. I guess on my previous road trips I used the car appropiately, still slightly worried the oil filters does go loose. Glad they spotted this. Another good reason to take your car to a classic restorer like this company.

As you have seen on the previous blog they did do a thorough job with welding and repainting the window surroundings. The window is fitted perfectly and all the surroundings are very clean. See the supporting pictures below. The first picture is one taken 2 years ago at the car valuation, look at that large white spot:


To my surprise I noticed the windscreen is produced by Pilkington!

So I guess these so called classic car window companies are simply resellers. Originally the front and rear windows for the Ferrari 400 are produced by Sigla (West Germany)

While the side windows are produced by Saint Gobain. Not sure why they choose two different brands? Anyone?

And for the finishing touch I of course had to place the Original Michelin Tyre decal

This is an item I already bought some while ago, a very nice repro.

(see blog

And now on the window:

Well, what more I can say. Job done!

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