Wednesday 25 January 2017

Invoice new USA imported Ferrari 400i manual

This invoice came to my attention which I thought was worth sharing. Apparently this is another brand new Ferrari 400 that was shipped to the USA. As can be seen this one was sold by the known Belgium Ferrari dealer Garage Francorchamps which was back then owned by Jacques Swaters. For those interested, hereby a little history about him:

I'm unsure if there were any restrictions for the dealerships to sell these cars outside of their region. I wonder if this was the only way to get them imported to the USA. Else I would expect local Ferrari dealers in the USA would be able to order directly from the Ferrari factory for their clients.

As for the price; 1.833.000 Belgium Francs, that should translate roughly to 45.000 Euro. Which converts to nearly 99.000 Dutch Guilders. I checked an old Dutch Kroymans pricelist for 1982/83 and back then it would cost new 199.999 Dutch Guilders (about 90.000 Euro) and with taxes included even 264.000 Dutch Guilders. So I wonder if this Belgium price isn't a bit on the low side (maybe the exchange rate was completely different back then?).

Also I had the new US owner checked and it seems he is the son of: A family with a very interesting background.

As I was curious to see if any history could be found about the car I made a quick search using the VIN 40577 on the FChat forum and presto:

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