Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Project time : Ferrari 400i K-Jetronic and more

Finally a tech piece of information about the 400, this one is about the injection. Sometimes I do hear or read comments about the carburettors and the complication of getting them tuned and synced up. As such some folks say the injector engines are better, more reliable and less costing to maintain. Well, unless you do run into trouble the K-Jetronic can be a pain to overcome. Have a look at this overhaul and adjustment:


It's written in German so you need to whack it into a online translator. Their website does contain more interesting information about the 400i and two owners who are getting them back on track again: http://ferrariwelt.de/ferrari-400i/

They both keep track of their projects so I will list them on the project section on the sidebar of my blog. Excellent work guys!

Keine Frage: der Ferrari 400 ist ein Geheimtipp für Kenner mit Geschmack und ohne Drang auf Krawall. Kaum ein Sportcoupe aus dieser Zeit bietet eine ähnliche Mischung aus Eleganz, Zuverlässigkeit, Fahrdynamik und sportlicher Anmutung.


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