Monday, 26 September 2016

Peter Ronald Fox - Australia - Ferrari 400 Automatic

I received these articles in my inbox today which was a great surprise. If you have any 400 story or 400 related information to be published then feel free to reach out to me.

I guess everything in these articles is a bit stereotype, it's all about wealth, luxury and throwing out large numbers. In one article the Ferrari 400 is worth 110.000 and in the next it's even 125.000. Reason he took the car was because his 3.5 million jet was not ready yet. It all reads like he was a fancy Playboy living the fast life and tragically dies due to a crash with his Ferrari.

It did reminded me of the previous owner of my 400, who traded it in for a new Testarossa, and also tragically crashed his Ferrari and died. (see blog: Unfortunately it's not unusual Ferrari's are involved with severe or tragic incidents. It does not take much to get such car out of control, especially when inexperienced.

I'm not sure if Peter Fox was a true Playboy but certainly he must have been financially well established. The 400 clearly isn't a flashy car nor a sports car (As indicated by the article), on the contrary I would say. Interesting to read it was an automatic as well. Typical all the very high heeled persons choose this option, ie Prince Bernhard, Freddy Heineken, just to name a few.

If there is any further supporting information on this 400, ie pictures, VIN, etc, then I welcome this of course.

Update 27-9-2016: Given the year this fatal accident took place and the fact it was a fairly new car it is expected his car was a 400i rather then a 400. The 400i might have serial number #32565 – azzurro with beige interior, RHD, and collected direct from the factory (as many Australians did to avoid tax, which it sounds like what Peter Fox would do..). Also, 32565 has never been seen or spotted, which could indicate an untimely demise. Any further supporting information or confirmation is appreciated.

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