Sunday, 21 August 2016

Enzo Ferrari - Michele Alboreto - Ferrari 412 - Lancia Thema 8.32

Yesterday I visited Munsterhuis and when browsing around in their showroom I saw some Ferrari books in the lounge room. One of them was about all the models produced. So I flicked through it
and read the pages about the 365/400/412. The 412 had an interesting remark which I was not aware off:

One of the Lucky owners of the car was Michele Alboreto who was given a 412 by Enzo Ferrari to mark the birth of his first daughter, with the comment, "now that your family has grown, you'll need a 2+2".

I guess Michele must have been really fortunate as he also got a 8.32 from Enzo :


  1. 365/400/412 models are my absolute favourite in terms of design. But I drive my trusty and voluptuous 8.32 for pure everyday pleasure. Great photo of Gerhard and Michele with their gifts from Enzo. Nice to have the Ferrari connection in the background with the F1 car.

    1. Nice! I'm a 8.32 owner too. Where are you located?

      Also read this blog:

  2. Ho ho (with a bit of delay in the answer) in Brussels, How about you?

  3. FYI, it's a 1990 blue/brown alcantara. I'm just having the time belts changed and taking the engine out for a full re-check at 120,000km. It's in very good overall condition. I might get rid of the catalytic converter to give the exhaust sound slightly more grunt. We'll see, I'll have it back in a month or so.

  4. I'm from Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. You might want to consider to sign up on the Dutch Lancia Thema forum: