Friday 22 July 2016

Advert : Bradleys + Harvey Nichols + HR Owen + Ferrari 400

I got my hands on another nice item. It was listed on Ebay in Germany. It's a very nice and unique advert using the Ferrari 400 as a prop. When I saw it I had to have it. Unfortunately the picture on Ebay couldn't be enlarged but I could read the advert was coming from the English magazine "country life" September 1978. Just in case I was going to be outbid I could still attempt to hunt for this edition. In fact I only found one available on Ebay in the UK, but listed for 5 GBP and 8,50 GBP shipping costs.

The seller of the advert had another 2 Ferrari 400 items of my interest for sale, so hopefully I could get all in one go. But of course I got outbid a few days later, including both other items (1 magazine article and 1 photo from a magazine). But there was still a little time left before the auction ended. So I had to overbid but the maximum set price was put slightly higher as expected. But I got it in the end. Sigh. The country life magazine purchase would have been a cheaper option. I bought that one nevertheless as well.

As for the advert you can read it was made for a luxury fur brand called Bradleys. I'm not familar with this brand so had to look up some history, in case you are interested too:'_(The_Arctic_Fur_Store)

As for Harveys and Nicholson I guess this is a known one for the British folks. I think the first time I heard about this fashion boutique was in one of the Ab Fab episodes (long time ago) when the ladies had an urgent need for expensive shopping. Also ages ago, I think about 20 years or so, I had one of my first abroad business training trip in the UK. If I'm not mistaken we were staying in Crawley. My collegue and I figured it would be a nice plan to extend the trip and stay over the weekend in London. I booked a hotel at Piccadilly circus and while typing this I recall it was the Hotel Regent palace. Being a tourist we visited various places but we also ended up at Harvey Nicks. While being there I figured to treat myself on a nice outfit. So I bought a nice pair of Armani jeans, belt and shirt. My first designer clothing purchase, it was clearly to expensive but a nice reward on the new job. When going to the counter I was just to late as a woman and her son loaded the counter with their clothing. I was baffled as she had to pay nearly 5.000 GBP. So I guessed my purchase was a laugh.

And there's of course the Ferrari 400 supplied by HR Owen on the advert. I guess this prestige car dealer does not require any further explanation. It's just all these ingredients together about whealth and luxury, or as ABBA used to sing; money money, must be funny in a rich men's world.

Just picture yourself going to buy a Ferrari 400 at HR Owen and on delivery you cruise around in London with the missus, driving to Harvey Nicks and buy her a fur coat. Priceless.

And yesterday I received my ordered items. Turns out the magazine I bought is the incorrect version. They issued the magazine twice in September, one for the 7th and one for the 28th. The magazine itself is mostly about adverts for pricey real estates and antiques. It does happen to have a small article about cars; a review about a Ford Fiesta 1300S and a Lada 1500. A new Lada in 1978 in the UK costed back then 2511 GBP.  The page next to it is a full color glossy Rolex advert. How's that.
In any case, this edition also had a similar advert from Bradleys but with a Roller on it.

Update 8-11-2019 : I came across this advert by FazNotFur with a 400

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