Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ferrari 400 Automatic papers

Earlier this week I saw a complete set of papers and pouch for sale:


The owners name caught my attention as it seemed like a Dutch owner to me. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything more on him. Interestingly he lived in Monte Carlo and of all places the street name is called Place du Moulins, couldn't be more appropiate for a Dutch man. I wonder what happened with this car. Well, apparently it now resides in the Netherlands according to the register: http://www.ferrari-register.nl/ferrari/home/stradali-nuovi/365-400-412/400-gt/21979

According to the RDW it was imported to NL in 1979 and sold in 1997. And that owner still has it since. It did had it's MOT just last month. I guess the owner might be interested in buying back these papers. So I reached out to the Dutch register owner and he informed FCN as the owner is club member.


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