Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Classic & Sports Car - Grand Tourers seperated at birth : Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 vs Bitter SC

Driving a supercar is a bit like trying to push an elephant into a tent - a lot of exertion for precious little reward. Travelling at warp speed soon loses its appeal as intense bouts of straining for comfort take precedence. Most of the breed seem to have been designed specifically to induce muscle cramp in anyone taller than Ronnie Corbett while simultaneously lacking such handy features as shock absorbers and suspension. There are some exceptions, but the simple, unavoidable truth is that supercars are, in the main, tiring to drive.

Big-hearted GTs are much better. Take this Ferrari 365GT4 2+2. It looks fab, has an engine note that'll wake the dead and there's no need to douse yourself in baby oil to squeeze into it.

And another great article added to the archive. Now available in the download folder.

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