Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ferrari 400i King Hussain for sale again

Remember this one:


Yes, it's back to Belgium again and put up for sale:


I also noticed in my blog stats that various Belgium people searched already for it and hit my blog.
I did happen to visit this company last year when we went to Spa Italia. We went there to inspect two Fiat Dino's for a friend. As for this 400, looks like a very decent specimen to me. Surely the price went up but that seems a trend currently happening over the entire classic car line.

Wagen verkeert in een perfecte staat, zowel technisch als mechanisch.
4.790cc -315pk
1ste eigenaar: Koning Hussein van Jordanië !
Facturen, historie, onderhoudsboekje aanwezig.
34.963 km !

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