Saturday 13 September 2014

Ferrari 400 Pouch

One of the items on my wish list is the Ferrari pouch. Over the past year I have seen a few passing by on Ebay or offered on sale in webshops. The ones in the webshops I considered all to expensive. The ones I saw on Ebay did sometimes include a total package with the manual and other booklets. The ones of interest I got outbid.
Another thing I still was unsure about is which of the two clothing pouches is time period correct. The one with the stitched crosses or the oval circles (or laurel wreaths if you prefer):
After much investigation I noticed the “crosses” seems often to be used since 1980 and the “oval circles” before 1980 (can anyone confirm this?). Since my car is from 1979 I needed the one with the “oval circles”.

A few weeks ago I noticed a pouch with crosses for sale on Ebay - this is the one displayed above. Due to the low starting price I figured to follow the item out of interest. Only a very few bids were made but the auction was cancelled a few days before the ending. So I approached the seller to see if the item was still available. Apparently it got sold. I guess someone made him an interesting offer by contacting him directly. (I see it's currently listed on Ebay by the new buyer - I can see that because of that specific logo marking on the clip).

But to my surprise he (Garage in Swiss) had another one for sale - it's the one displayed above. And this pouch was the right one with the “oval circles”. So the usual price haggling started. I ended up getting an acceptable offer just slightly below the average prices I had seen so far (and this pouch is in a very good condition with minimal wear).
At that point the seller mentioned he had another one for sale. This appeared also to be a pouch with
the “oval circles” but in a lesser condition. After receiving the pictures I noticed they also slightly differ from each other. Typical.

So further price haggling started and with buying two I could make a better deal. So I reached out to the FChat forum and asked if there was someone interested to participate and buy one of the pouches. I got exactly one response and that person made a very decent proposal. This also meant he would get the best pouch. I agreed to it and went ahead to purchase them.
It took ages before they arrived. But since it was coming from Swiss it took an extra route as it’s considered non-EU. And as such I had to pay import tax and custom clearance cost (nearly 50 Euro). Doh! that was a silly oversight on my side. I could have used my Fratello 8.32 connection in Swiss to avoid this charge. Oh well.  The other pouch is now on it’s way to the USA (1977 Ferrari 308 owner) and I have my time period pouch with patina. Actually it's in good shape and only dirty. I need to ask the missus if this can be washed. Below some supporting pictures. As you can see, they are slightly different from each other. I wonder if there is any logic behind it or if there is any distincition made for the pouches for the different Ferrari models in that era?

Update: typcial, just a few hours after posting this blog I see my blog got hit by the following the seach: "price of ferari pouch car 2013"

In fact this triggered me to review my first post about my Ferrari 400 Pouch hunt.

From this I see the pouches photo's in that blog are truly used for a 400's and are exactly matching with the one I have now. Excellent!



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