Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sammy Hagar collection : Ferrari 400

On Fchat I read about this guy called Sammy Hagar. I didn't knew him but apparently he is a well known American rock star. He has a nice collection of Ferrari's including a Ferrari 400. A quick search resulted in this article.


On the enclosed picture you can see him, including a small part of the 400:

As I was curious about his music I found this YouTube clip which contains nice footage on the 512BB. Perhaps a bit off-track but thought it's nice material to be included. I guess the guy called Claudio in the video clip is really Claudio Zampolli (as mentioned in the article), as such definately worthwile to be included on this blog.

Update 6-12-2014 Via Facebook I fetched the following article:


It does contain another picture of him in combination with the 400:


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