Monday, 25 January 2016

For Sale Ferrari 412 - Keke Rosberg

Another 412 for sale. As said before, normally I don't publish them but I thought this was an interesting one to mention. Well, mainly because of the Ferrari Classiche reporting and the list of repair details. Interesting to read what can go wrong and how much it will cost you to fix. I guess this is a good warning that even a low mileage and rarely used car is potentially a bigger risk then a fequently used (thus higher mileage) and well maintained car. But it definately looks to be a great specimen now. It was offered for sale on the known FB group with the following comment:

I am selling my `89 412. The car was Keke Rosbergs "Monaco" family car and was only driven from 89-91 and then from `07 onwards. It has 18000km and everything is still original. Ist is black/black and manual. I consider offers above €100k

 I have to admit, I didn't know who Keke Rosberg was, so had to look it up:


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